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Make-up Remover Pads


F4CE wants your skin to thank you for taking very good care of it. Therefore, we have brought a pack of 10 Makeup Pads for you with a mesh bag which is great for traveling and can easily be stored. The pads are available in either black or white color, purely made of Bamboo Cotton. F4CE has replaced single-use pads with handmade, eco-friendly, and reusable cotton pads. 

These are perfect for removing makeup or cleansing your skin with their triple-layered (cotton) pads to guard you against dust and air pollutants. The size of the rounds/pad allows you to get into all the delicate areas so that the product you use can cover all the face, allowing you to get a thoroughly cleansed and toned face, prepared for you to apply your makeup or just your favorite moisturizer. We deliver high-quality products with the promise to protect your face and lower your exposure to dust and make-up after effects.

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Apply make-up remover or cleanser on your skin and then dip the cotton rounds in lukewarm water or skin toner. Then gently massage it over the desired parts of the skin (face & neck etc) to remove the dust and make-up and then follow up with a moisturizer or a serum that you would normally use.


100% Bamboo Cotton


10 pcs (in each mesh bag)


Colour(s): White and Black




White (10 pcs): 8 cm x 8 cm
Black (10 pcs): 8 cm x 8 cm


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