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Face Mitts


F4CE has got the best duo of dual-sided face mitts to aid you in rinsing and cleansing dirt particles and make-up gently without damaging your sensitive skin. When combined with your favorite cleanser, results are 100% guaranteed. Face Mitts are soft and gentle to the skin and are reusable.

Our eco-friendly and soft mitts are Machine-washable and re-useable which makes them cost-effective and much better for the environment compared to disposable wipes. Made of 100% Bamboo Cotton and are available in white color with Hemp rope hanging loop. Variation in size helps you in using it for lips, eyes, face, or other body parts cleansing accordingly. High-quality fabrication with 4 layered Bamboo Cotton increases its effectiveness and makes it the perfect content for daily routine.

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Apply make-up remover or cleanser on your skin and then dip the mittens in lukewarm water. Then gently massage it over the desired parts of the skin to remove the dust and make-up. Follow up by rinsing with cold water to close all the pores.  Face mitts are not just to remove make-up but can be used daily as part of your routine to cleanse your face.



Small, Large


100% Bamboo Cotton


2 (pcs)




• Large: 18.5 cm x 13 cm
• Small: 7 cm x 9 cm




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