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The journey for F4CE began in 2020. After suffering from acne for years I realized that the washcloths I used always irritated my skin due to them being rough. Also having oily skin contributed to my acne and again when I used the face cloths made of synthetic materials, they did not clean my face properly and the irritation from the towels did not allow me to use the face cloths long enough as the burning sensation caused my acne to further flare up.

Then I began the search by trying to find materials that will not irritate my skin and cleanse it properly. I contacted different suppliers and requested natural materials I tried several and I came across Bamboo, Cotton, and Konjac were the best 3 materials that need not cause me any irritation at all. I also asked friends to try out these materials and again they were very satisfied especially as the materials were natural and not synthetic. I then continued my research and found that there were not many brands out there that were specifically selling natural face clothes so I decided to create my own brand and that is when F4CE began!

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